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Installing an MSD ignition

April 6, 2010 Ignition

Editor's Note:  While this article was written with 67-71 Firebird and GTO in mind, the MSD Ignition System can be installed on any V8 engine.What Does an MSD Ignition Do For You? MSD ignition systems were first recommended to me by a Simon of Real Steel in the UK as a way to solve fuel combustion issues due to the low octane counts which are found in European pump gas. The result would also improve performance. That is exactly what I got !! The MSD ignition systems combine the concept of capacitive discharge ignition (made popular in the late 60's and early 70's) with multiple spark discharge. On a simple point and coil ignition system, while the points are closed, the coil builds up a magnetic field in its core by allowing current to flow at battery voltage into the

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Ignition Timing

April 3, 2010 Ignition

Ignition timing controls when the spark plug fires in relation to the position of the piston. For maximum power the spark emitted by the spark plug should ignite the air / fuel mixture in the cylinder just a couple of degrees before the piston is at the top of its compression stroke. This top most position is known and referred to as Top Dead Center (TDC for short).

With the mixture igniting at this position, by the time the piston has passed TDC and it starting its downward motion, the cylinder pressure is at the maximum point and the expanding gases force the piston downward . This is referred to as volumetric efficiency.

The number of degress of crankshaft rotation before TDC

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