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Engine Codes and Production Figures

October 12, 2014 BlockEngine

Engine Codes & Production Figures

Find here some figures that I found over the years, taken from different sources, I found they are  pretty accurate. SCROLL DOWN !


(1)400 engine

(2)403 engine


Pontiac 400:  WI, WQ, WU, WZ (manual), YT, XN (automatic)


Pontiac 400:  WZ (manual), YT (automatic)

Pontiac 400 HO:  WQ

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Pontiac stroker engines using Eagle crank, rods and pistons

October 3, 2013 BlockCamshaftCrankEnginePistons

What exactly is a Pontiac "stroker engine" ? What are the advantages and disadvantages? And what is involved in building one?

Many ask themselves about the Pontiac stroker engine. What is this all about? Here are the answers!

A stroker engine is basically just an engine that has had the stroke increased to more than was originally from the factory. A stroker kit is a collection of components that make building a stroker engine possible. Sounds easy, right? Well, there are limitations to what can be done depending on which engine you are building. More on that in a minute. Why you would want to build a stroker engine is a question that first must be answered.

To understand the

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William Rebuilding a 455

September 6, 2013 BlockEngine  No comments

Rebuilding a 455

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Pre Assembly Tips

September 6, 2013 BlockEngine

Butler Performance Pre-Assembly Tip Page

The pre-assembly mock-up of an engine to assure its proper fit, clearance, and alignment is essential to any correctly built engine.

***THE ENGINE BUILDER must check for any defects in material or manufacturing PRIOR TO INSTALLATION/ASSEMBLY. It is the final responsibility of the engine builder to do this inspection. If a defect is found the part must be returned to Butler Performance immediately***

The engine bearing oil clearance must be checked. If necessary, the oil clearance can usually be adjusted by the use of special bearings designed for this purpose.

The rod and main bearings, and the

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Block identification other

September 6, 2013 BlockEngine

Welcome to the Pontiac Heaven Parts guide page

  I'm just getting started here, we will start with identifying blocks.  Trying to id something by numbers can be accurate but, it time consuming.  Get to know some of the basic differences between Pontiac parts to become more fluent.


The below pic on the left show an early (1955-60) block on the left, and a 1963 -70 block on the right.  Note-  some '63 and most 64 blocks had a starter provision even though they did not use it ( except in '64 Tempest Lemans 326 and '64 GTO).  By 1965 all Pontiac V-8s used a block mounted starter. 

2nd pic below is of the same blocks but, shows the side view.  You can see that the block on the left has no

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High Performance Engine design and blueprint Assembly

January 12, 2013 BlockEngine

From HO Racing's Pontiac High Performance Engine Design and Blueprint Assembly

If you want to build a Pontiac race engine intelligently - then reading this section is a must. However, H -0 Racing Specialties Inc. realizes that everyone who reads this book is not an engineer nor even inclined toward graphs,equations or numbers. So in addition to the following in-depth discussion, you will notice that all significant conclusions are CAPITALlZED. If you read nothing else in this section. read the capitalized statements.

Engine Parameters

What is an engine parameter, you ask? An engine parameter is some number which describes a physical characteristic of the engine. Examples of engine parameters are cubic inch displacement

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How to prepare the engine for assembly

January 9, 2013 BlockEngine

Cleaning and preparation you block for assembly


With your engine block back in your garage after the workshop a proper cleanup is a must. The amount of tiny metallic pieces lurking around in the oil and water passages can ruin your big buck redo within minutes of its first startup.


We will work on the assumption that there is no hot tanking service in your area.

To ensure the cleaning reaches all corners of the block you will need to remove all the core plugs. Depending on the year of your block you will have 2 or 3 core plugs on each side. These are the main water passages.Also on each side of the block are two brass threaded fittings which allow you to drain the

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Engine Bolt Torque Specification

May 23, 2010 BlockEngine

Getting the torque correct on your engine bolts can make a difference in the longevity and performance of your muscle car.

Note: These specs may not be correct for your application.Verify your engine specs with a service manual for your year and model. Always torque bolts in three equal increments


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If you are using ARP bolts, you MUST use their

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