The origins of Pontiaction date back to the 1960’s and are documented and covered at

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(All proceeds from clickable links on this site will go towards the restoration of the 69 firebird.  One of the missing pieces for the restoration is a good picture of the trunk area on the car and its design of the lace paint job. I’m also looking for the original WH block for this carand other assorted pieces any help locating parts from this car are very much appreciated. All pictures on this site have been submitted to me from people who had taken them in the past, or aquired them on the internet and sent them to me. I thank all those who have helped to complete the history of these cars and appreciate any help in the future. Please use the submission form on the last page to send any information or pictures or send to

Bill Eckstrom had been racing many of his own cars in the gas classes and doing pretty well, The JR stock classes were starting to really get popular and many Dealers were seeing that if you won on sunday you sold cars on monday.

Jim Wangers of Pontiac had been doing this for years as had others such as, Arnie  “the farmer” Beswick ,Jess Tyree, Stan Antlocer and others, later Milt shornack of Royal jumped into JR stock and was well publicized.  On the East coast the Stephens Pontiac crew was racing some super cars, dealer ordered cars that had some very rare options!

There was an earlier ban on racing at GM to deal with, and while Chevy was selling  COPO cars like the ZL1, Pontiac was ‘back dooring’ cars through Engineering for racing purposes.  The storys of these cars have been passed down to me Directly from Crew on these cars such as Gil Bertrand, Dick Doyle, and the original driver Bill Eckstrom himself.

The first car!


The first of the cars was a 68 GTO lightweight with a steel bumper, a rare option for race cars only.
The car was a 4speed, with a RAM AIR II round port engine, Its believed to have been a 4.33 geared rearend.
The car was the first PONTIACTION  car and was raced in the D/S or D stock class. All three cars were said to have done pretty well.I am not sure of its best ET or MPH, but it was very fast and the engine was balanced and blueprinted.  Diamond automotive  did the balance and blueprint which was owned by George Delorean.
The car was primarily raced in the north east regionals, and
many of its appearances were at Connecticut dragway, Lebanon Valley Dragway, and Raceway park, Englishtown New Jersey