About Us

The Pontiaction project was an idea of William J England in 1994. As a toddler, William spent his weekends watching his dad washing , cleaning and doing odd jobs on  his pride and joy, a 1967 Pontiac Firebird 400 Ram Air which was beefed up by Mickey Thompson Enterprises. The love for American  Muscle had  set in and roots were well set by the age of 13.

By this time (1987) the only change that the 1967 Firebird 400 had undergone was a colour change in the early 1970’s from the factory Starlight Black to a 60s/70s golden colour. It was time to get things straight and put the colour right. William set out to learn all possible information that was Pontiac related. Such a task in 1987 was no easy job. There was still no Internet and therefore all information had to be collected via snail mail…..and way were things slow then!!

The first area of focus was the Mickey Thompson mods to his dads Firebird. This area produced little result at the time due to the murder of Mickey Thompson and his wife which pretty much led to a slow down , shift in the operation of the Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group. William had to wait some more years to get the info he wanted.

On and on the research went building a substantial knowledge base. In 1994 as the world wide web reached the Maltese Islands, William thought it would be a good idea to share what he learnt with all those Pontiac and Firebird lovers, know that many muscle car lovers would also find the information of use.

Over the years and to date William boasts a library of over 50 books, all related to Pontiac’s in general and needless to say a so to speak specialisation on the first generation Firebird.

In 2007 and his now 40 year old Firebird in need of minor restoration works, it is time for William to tear the car down into individual pieces and put what was been learnt into practise. But that is another story which we shall cover in Reader Ride – Williams 67 Firebird 400 Ram Air.

After 15 years this wish is starting to become reality and William hopes that you will find these pages of use and interest.