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This page covers Firebirds and Ventura IIs



First year for the Firebird and the only year with vent windows




’68 ‘Birds now had wrap around park lamps to meet federal mandates and Pontiac arrow side marker lights on 1/4 panels.  (400 model shown)





FFirst year of the Trans Am (right), last year of Firebird 400





tFormula 400(shown) replaces Firebird 400 and gets gets its own twin scooped fiberglass hood (this hood would be used through 1975)

Firebird interior for 1970.  Note- separate headrests is a ’70 exclusive

70_T_A_int_left.jpg (27174 bytes)




                                                                                           71_bird_RF.jpg (28541 bytes)    71_bird_LR.jpg (30154 bytes)

11970 and 1971 use the same grilles.  One unique feature to all 1971 Firebirds ( except Trans Am ) was the rectangualr air extractor at the center rear of the front fender.  This was used for one years only.   Also, this was the first year for the 455 in the Firebird, available in the Formula and standard in Trans Am.




All ’72 ‘Birds had “stretched” Honeycomb grille pattern, last year for T/A stripe style and standard round port, top of the line 455HO engine


Ventura II

Ventura II introduced as the new entry level Pontiac, replacing the T-37.  Based on the chev Nova, this model was a “generic” body and Olds and Buick would also get their own version. Most were powered by either chev 230 6cyl or 307 8cyl engines.  Never before had GM made the 4 main divisions share an almost identical car, the beginning of what was to come as most GM cars within 10 years would be “generic” or as they call it “Corporate”.  Few parts, even sheetmetal, were unique to Pontiac.  Some Venturas came equipped with the 350 Pontiac engine.



Here is a ’72 Ventura II with the very rare sun roof option

also 71 and 72 tail lights are the same

                                    72_Ventura_rear.jpg (44162 bytes) 72_Ventura_skyroof.jpg (34893 bytes)  inside.jpg (43279 bytes)  skyroof.jpg (61987 bytes)



All Firebirds this year had large egg crate style silver grilles (Trans Ams were black) 


Trans Am below



Base Firebird

                                                                            wpeA.jpg (33350 bytes)  wpeC.jpg (29084 bytes)  wpeE.jpg (40978 bytes)

Firebird Formula

74_455_formula.jpg (14779 bytes) 74_455_forum_rr.jpg (12729 bytes)

Trans Am

74 ta front.jpg (66870 bytes)  74 ta rear.jpg (62014 bytes)


This was the last year of the small rear window.  ’70-4 left, ’75-’81 right below





Trans Am (above) and Formula (below) both shown in Admirilty blue

AAll ‘birds for ’75 had park lamps moved to in the grilles.  First year for the larger, wrap around rear window, HEI ignitions and cat converters. 







Base Firebird

76 Firebird LF.jpg (24855 bytes)


Formula shown below with newly offered Appearance package

76_form.jpg (48509 bytes)        76_formula_rear.jpg (62851 bytes)

Trans Am

                                                                                           FIREBI1.jpg (20482 bytes)    wpe8.jpg (40878 bytes)

This This is the last year for the 455 engine



Special Edition “Black Bird” 


Trans Am




TThe Phoenix, new for ’77,  was a high end version of the Ventura



Trans Am Special Edition

For 1978, the special Edition Trans Am went to a Gold color for most of the year. Paint fading problems forced Pontiac to switch back to Black for SEs late in the year.


Trans Am

1978 was the first year that the WS-6 package was available on Trans Am only

Firebird Formula





Base model below

79 bird RF.jpg (66423 bytes)

 Formula in Atlantis blue with appearance package and WS-6 wheels

                                                                         wpe15.jpg (38486 bytes)   wpe13.jpg (49191 bytes)   wpe11.jpg (47663 bytes)  79 Formula Atlantis blue t- top RF.jpg (51058 bytes)

Trans Am 10th silver anniversary edition

79 anniv lf.jpg (14058 bytes)

Trans Am After 5 years of increasing sales, Trans Am sales peaked in 1979.  This was also the first year that the WS-6 package was available on the Formula


79 ta front.jpg (37893 bytes)   80 TA LR.jpg (27712 bytes) noc blue '79 TA.jpg (50470 bytes)  79 trans am nocturne blue.jpg (123424 bytes)  79 trans am int camel.jpg (64899 bytes)  79 400 trans am eng front.jpg (113273 bytes)  

12-27-06_029.jpg (20499 bytes)  12-27-06_030.jpg (18578 bytes)  12-27-06 031.jpg (49776 bytes)



Pontiac paced the Indy 500 this year

80 pace car front.jpg (26841 bytes)  80 pace car dash.jpg (24526 bytes)  80 pace car eng.jpg (30180 bytes)  80 pace car int.jpg (23744 bytes)  80 pace car int 2.jpg (24159 bytes)  80 pace car L side.jpg (24500 bytes)  80 turbo engine.jpg (58577 bytes)  80 pace car rear int.jpg (24885 bytes)



Turbo 301 Formula w/WS-6 handling package






Pontiac bowed out of the V-8 engine this year and paced the Daytona 500 with this special Pace Car above with 301 Turbo engine (All Turbo cars had their own hood without Shaker).

Standard power for ’81 Trans Ams was the same as in ’80. 4bbl 301 (used the standard “Shaker” hood assy)


1981 is the only year that uses the Firebird emblem on the rear gas filler

Base Firebird and Esprit tail lights shown below

81 bird rear.jpg (24045 bytes)

Base Firebird

81firebird101.jpg (18865 bytes)

’81 deluxe int is unique with vertical pattern cloth

1981 bird deluxe int.jpg (89412 bytes) st



Dash on Esprit with delux st wheel

81firebird112.jpg (167976 bytes)