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Full size Pontiac  “B” body 1955-81, includes GP through ’68

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                                                      55 grenn LF.jpg (66041 bytes)  55 green LR.jpg (44839 bytes)  55 green right door open.jpg (48325 bytes)  55 green int.jpg (49205 bytes)  55 green dash.jpg (40648 bytes)

Below is the top of the line for ’55 Star Chief with optional bumper guard

FULL S62.jpg (11452 bytes)  FULL S63.jpg (9420 bytes)


The one that started it all, the first Pontiac V-8  287 cu in!

44 door wagon

wpe17.jpg (15205 bytes)




                                                                            2 door Safari wagon

                                                                 56 safari LR.jpg (99987 bytes)  56 safari RF.jpg (107744 bytes)


                                                     4 door wagon

                                                                 56wagon LF.jpg (25136 bytes)  56 wagon RR.jpg (22717 bytes)



Chieftain sedan

  FULL S68.jpg (38583 bytes)  FULL S69.jpg (38033 bytes)   FULL S70.jpg (36836 bytes)  

57 front.jpg (28420 bytes)  57 rear.jpg (23165 bytes)  57 int.jpg (20003 bytes)  57 rr quarter.jpg (25076 bytes)  57 eng.jpg (24163 bytes)

Hard top




Bonneville was offered for the first time as a Hardtop


This  Below is the Star Chief in 4 door, wagon and 2 door

                                58 star chief RF.jpg (66036 bytes) 58 star chief misc.jpg (46327 bytes) 58 int door trim.jpg (61496 bytes)  58 s w RF.jpg (85473 bytes)  58 wagon rear.jpg (91080 bytes)  83_3.jpg (78429 bytes)  

Super Chief int

super chief int.jpg (99097 bytes)

Chieftain was the entry level model

  58_chief_RF.jpg (35701 bytes)  58 chief RR.jpg (70112 bytes)

370 engine was offered for this one year only  

370.jpg (98771 bytes)



Top of the line Bonneville

wpe67.jpg (32461 bytes)  wpe69.jpg (41405 bytes) wpe6B.jpg (32723 bytes) wpe6D.jpg (42809 bytes)  59 bonne dash.jpg (44554 bytes)  59 bonne.jpg (30393 bytes)

Rear of Star Chief below 

59 star chief rear.jpg (54185 bytes)  

 Catalina below

wpe6F.jpg (33796 bytes)  wpe71.jpg (38887 bytes) 59 cat grey int.jpg (20635 bytes) 1959 Catalina Drivers Side.jpg (686324 bytes)  1959 Catalina Interior 2.jpg (518326 bytes)


1959 389 Tri-Power 3-2 bbl engine

59 tripower.jpg (31779 bytes)   59 tripower 2.jpg (33193 bytes)

This was the first year of the Wide Track and the first year of the divided grilles that would become a Pontiac trademark.  ’59 Safari below

     wpe8.jpg (52064 bytes)       



Catalina 4 door sedan 



wpe73.jpg (16411 bytes) wpe75.jpg (16977 bytes) wpe77.jpg (14427 bytes) wpe79.jpg (15963 bytes) 60 ventura int.jpg (26544 bytes)


    SStation wagon “Safari” below




iiio1961 Pontiac-  All models had the same front end



CCatalina 2 door hard top “Bubble Top”




TVentura Bubbletop

61 bubble 7.jpg (155450 bytes)    61 bubble 5.jpg (186409 bytes)

Bonneville 2 door hard top “Bubbletop”

   61 bonne bubble RF.jpg (38545 bytes)  61_bonne_bubble_rr.jpg (34263 bytes)  

The Catalina 2 door sedan, nicknamed “Batwing” (above ) 

wpe7B.jpg (56330 bytes)

 The Star Chief sedan below 


wpe61.jpg (69643 bytes) wpe63.jpg (60631 bytes) wpe65.jpg (72274 bytes)

BBonneville (above) had full length stainless side trim, different fender spears and  longer wheelbase.



ReaRear views of  ’61 Catalina & Ventura (left), Safari (right) 



wpe37.jpg (45005 bytes)   FULL S64.jpg (163921 bytes) 62pontiaccatalinabackLside.jpg (35491 bytes)  62pontiaccatalinaint.jpg (30648 bytes)  62pontiaccatalinaBseats.jpg (27616 bytes) 62 blue int.jpg (299682 bytes)

Above Catalina hard top in Ensign Blue and Aquamarine with optional Ventura int shown in Aqua and Blue, below Catalina Safari s/w with standard Catalina int (wagons had vinyl).   


 The Star Chief was priced between the Catalina and the Bonneville below 

    62 star chief seats.jpg (26652 bytes)

Bonneville (below) had full length trim, rear trim panel and had its own grille emblem.

      62 bonne r side.jpg (79886 bytes)  62 Bonne L side.jpg (60823 bytes)  62 cat red int ebay.jpg (57897 bytes)  62 bonne rear.jpg (72206 bytes)  62 bonne RR.jpg (89849 bytes)



                                                                                               63_Catalina_LF.jpg (24993 bytes)    63 cat rear.jpg (59458 bytes)


                                                                                                        58ab_12.jpg (33880 bytes)  8511_12.jpg (45987 bytes)



  Base model Catalina (top) had long, thin full length moulding.  Top of the line Bonneville (below) had wider cast trim that ran the first half of the length of the car, full width trim between tail lights and Bonneville emblem in grille, longer wheelbase. Grand Prix (above) had its own grille, tail lights and trim and roof line. 

             032705_002.jpg (66060 bytes)       032705_017.jpg (97836 bytes)       9d_3.jpg (23638 bytes)   


 Below, Grand Prix rear


Below Safari

              63 s w left front.jpg (26549 bytes)  63 s w rear.jpg (25131 bytes)




Catalina coupe




wpe5B.jpg (27552 bytes) wpe5D.jpg (35736 bytes)  wpe5F.jpg (28547 bytes)

top of the line Bonneville above, Star Chief below

                                                                                        64 Star Cheif ht LF.jpg (35151 bytes)   64 star cheif LR.jpg (32264 bytes)

                                                                                 Grand Prix below for 1964


                                                                Safari station wagon rear below





        65 front.jpg (59886 bytes)                      65 Catalina conv.jpg (74202 bytes)


22+2 below was now its own model with 421 4bbl standard.

  Available in HT (shown) or convertible




 GP had its own rear roof line, grilles and tail treatment (below)

                                                                      65GranPrix-ext9.jpg (30258 bytes)   65GranPrix-ext4.jpg (24739 bytes)

65 2 plus 2 int.jpg (34450 bytes)    65 bonne int.jpg (56374 bytes)

2+2 interior left and Bonneville right

Below is the base model Catalina with the upgraded Ventura trim package including 2 tone interior







Catalina and Ventura front and rear above. GP front and side below  (GP had its own roof line, back glass and tail lights) 



This wouThis would be the last year for the Star Chief name.  This year it was call Star Chief Exectutive.  This model was based on the longer wheelbase Bonneville but with less trim and int upgrades.   

66starchief01.jpg (119297 bytes)  66starchief003.jpg (104098 bytes)

Top of the line Bonneville was available in 2 dr coupe or convertible, 4dr ht or wagon.  Rear (below) shows longer trunk lid, longer wheelbase and wider tail lights

AvAvailable on the Bonneville was the Brougham package with even plusher interior shown below


990f_3.jpg (93900 bytes)  9c1f_3.jpg (112913 bytes)  96f4_3.jpg (69772 bytes)



Performance model 2+2 (below) was available in HT or conv and had 421 4bbl standard and was the only model that featured the “gilles”  in the 1/4s below the 1/4 windows.


665.jpg (86721 bytes)  6611.jpg (62357 bytes)



  wpe57.jpg (36153 bytes)  wpe59.jpg (24672 bytes)


1  This would be the last year for stacked head lamps.  Bonneville (shown above), had “Bonneville” emblem on header panel above grille.  GP different w/ hidden head lamps.   2+2 (below) was offered for the last year as sales were poor, note unique fender “gilles” on 2+2.  Also 428 was standard 






Lowest priced full size Pontiac for ’67 was the Catalina 2 door sedan below


                                            b5d1_12.jpg (46037 bytes)  d730_12.jpg (39736 bytes)  cea0_12.jpg (34850 bytes)                                          





NewNew for ’67 was the Executive.  This was a step down from the Bonneville.  Shown here is the mid priced full sized Executive Safari.  This model had simulated wood side grain standard.  This was optional on Catalina and Bonneville Safari.


  67 exec s w LF.jpg (28164 bytes)    67 exec s w rear.jpg (26177 bytes)




          wpe30.jpg (51410 bytes) wpe34.jpg (28036 bytes)  68 cat front.jpg (73766 bytes) 68 Cat 428.jpg (65354 bytes) 68 cat conv Left.jpg (125042 bytes) 68 cat blue int.jpg (89225 bytes)


All ’68s had same front end except the Grand Prix, for the first time, shared parking lights with mid size models.  Bonneville tail lights (shown above) were wider than other full size models like the Executive shown below in Meridian Turquoise.


Grand Prix rear shown below

wpe2C.jpg (10703 bytes)

GP for ’68 front/side view shows unique front end, roof line and quarter panel.  Note: This car has been modified with black grilles (silver grilles were original) and does not have the fender skirts that they came with.   



Catalina, Ventura and Executive below

                       wpe1C.jpg (21418 bytes) wpe25.jpg (18763 bytes)

Bonneville This was the first year that Bonneville would have its own grille.  A pattern that would continue through the era.



Another styling feature change in the Pontiac line up for ’69 was the Bonneville would get its own rear bumper too.  The picture below, while not pretty, clearly shows the differences in rears on full size 69s.  The Bonneville (foreground) has longer lights and Endura insert in bumper.  Catalina, Executive and Ventura had standard bumper with smaller lights.  Note:  Even the deck lid is different to fit the lights of each model. Safari is below right




wpe83.jpg (39923 bytes) wpe85.jpg (37877 bytes)

1970 Bonneville (above) was the only model with vertical bars in the grille.  Ventura, Executive and Catalina (below) had horizontal bars.  This styling trend would last through the era covered on this site.  Also, Bonneville had Endura panel with its own lights in rear bumper.

wpe87.jpg (36177 bytes)  wpe89.jpg (32544 bytes)



below, the New for 1971 Grand Ville 

71 grand ville LF.jpg (95728 bytes)  71 grand ville rear.jpg (87455 bytes)


 71 cat LF.jpg (109520 bytes)  71 cat LR.jpg (96814 bytes)  



FForFor ’71, full size Pontiac were redesigned, Catalina (left) and Grand Ville (right)

As mentioned under ’70, Catalina had horizontal grilles, Bonneville and the new Grand Ville had vertical grilles.  The styling influence is obviously inspired from the very successful ’69 GP. Also (below), the full size station wagons were redesigned with many good advanced features including a tail gate that slid into the floor and an electric rear window that went into the roof.  For the first time too, wagons had leaf spring rear suspensions where coupes and sedans retained coil springs. These wagons were built for towing and hauling and also had 12″ rear brakes, the largest ever put on a passenger car.

              71 s w rear.jpg (17929 bytes)




Grand Safari,Grand Ville & Bonneville had vertical grilles 

Below is Catalina with it horizontal grilles        

72 cat LF.jpg (70412 bytes)  72 cat rear.jpg (69158 bytes)



1b_3.jpg (108104 bytes)  6f_3.jpg (29077 bytes)  53_3.jpg (37240 bytes)

Rears-Grandville left and Catalina right






Catalina coupe

12-27-06 026.jpg (89984 bytes)  12-27-06_022.jpg (23782 bytes)  12-27-06_023.jpg (14417 bytes)  12-27-06 027.jpg (81296 bytes)  12-27-06 028.jpg (70606 bytes)  12-27-06 024.jpg (87567 bytes)


Grandville below

wpe7D.jpg (24826 bytes)  74 g ville rear.jpg (23012 bytes)

Grand Safari

74_grand_safari_LF.jpg (25501 bytes)  FULL S66.jpg (25175 bytes)




Catalina 4 door sedan above



11975 Catalina, (top), again had horizontal bars/slats in grille and round headlights.  Bonneville and Grand Ville, (above ) used, for the first time, rectangular head lights.



Catalina 4 door sedan

1976 Bonneville  below

76 Bonne RF.jpg (113814 bytes)  76 Bonne LR.jpg (105124 bytes)  76 Bonne int.jpg (93570 bytes)

SafariSafari below

                                                                                      76 safari Left.jpg (94721 bytes)  76 safari rear.jpg (46009 bytes)





  This was the first year for the downsized models

Below is the top of the line Bonneville Brougham

     77PontiacBonneville-00.jpg (77931 bytes)  77PontiacBonneville-rear.jpg (74035 bytes)  77PontiacBonneville-dash.jpg (92999 bytes)

Newly down sized entry level Catalina shown

wpe7F.jpg (17891 bytes) wpe81.jpg (16042 bytes)






78PontiacCatalina-01.jpg (80179 bytes)  78PontiacCatalina-03.jpg (81485 bytes)  78PontiacCatalina-06.jpg (82990 bytes)




Bonneville Brougham 4dr

79 bonne rf.jpg (31075 bytes)  79 bonne rear.jpg (30185 bytes)  79 bonne int.jpg (31499 bytes)

Safari wagon

   79 bonne s w rear.jpg (28648 bytes)





FULL S65.jpg (40910 bytes)


80 Bonneville brougham LF.jpg (93837 bytes)  81 bonneville brougham RR.jpg (81661 bytes)  80 bonne brougham int.jpg (89713 bytes)


1981 Bonneville

81 bonne rf.jpg (17934 bytes)  81 bonne lr.jpg (21987 bytes)  81 Bonne RF.jpg (83576 bytes)